Remote control additional options

once credentials are entered either in splashtop business program or on web page to begin remote control...

we already know we have a valid credential or the remote screen would not show.

Give an option (popup within the remote window or from splashtop drop-down-menu at top of screen) to use those credentials to log into that desktop.


You are running support

your remote user has reported probable virus or malware

Best way to remove this is when running computer in Safe Mode  [as is possible with logmein]

Provide an option to reboot the computer in Safe Mode with Network Support - and ALSO have splashtop streamer load

perhaps initiate this special reboot with the taskbar icon, or run a preparation executable when notified by the web console



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  • @Ben,

    Remote reboot/remote reboot to safe mode feature is under developed. We target Sep to have it available.
    Streamer already could run in safe mode at this time, if you want to use it now during a remote session, you could use the Windows boot option to reboot to safe mode. It is set in System Configuration (msconfig.exe).

    Do you check "require Windows log-in" option? We have "save credentials" option that should help in this case.


  • @Ben,

    You're talking about having us "unlock" or log into the Windows login/lock screen automatically, right?

    That's a good idea and has been suggested. It's on our roadmap though we have yet to figure out how we'd do it and a timeline.


  • I'd like to up-vote the "pass-thru" of the saved Windows credentials to the Windows login screen.  As you know, you guys are getting traffic from users looking to leave LMI, and they do this feature.  It's one missing from your repertoire, for sure

  • +1

  • Absolutely must have a host login option. LMI just runs as a service which is loaded at boot time. Obviously I am planning to leave LMI, but the host pc I wish to access is running software that does an auto restart at just the time I would be accessing it (out of hours). Come on!

  • -fastag


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