Automatic Updates - Also, community thread announcing versions?

Very excited that the update function seems to be finally working with the release of Streamer v3.1 - HOWEVER:  I just downloaded 3.1, installed it, and the Update feature immediately offered me

There is currently nowhere to download directly.  I'm going to be manually upgrading the 80 or so computers I have on previous versions because the previous Check for Updates function is useless.  I do NOT want to have to run the updater after installation.

There needs to be some kind of attention spent to this kind of thing.  It would also be tremendously useful if there was a sticky post somewhere, or a prominent FAQ item, that detailed version releases.

Any idea when will be available to download directly?



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    @Kurt, if you do not click on the "Check for Updates", the system would automatically update to within a week or so.  To get emails on new releases, please choose to "follow" the Announcement forum:

  • @Kurt,

    Auto-update function will be included in or later version streamer. There is no for downloading, and the which includes several fixes (and auto update feature) will be soon available.

    In your case please manually upgrade your older streamer to, then it will start to auto upgrade to newer version streamer.

    Hope this helps!


  • I just, again, downloaded and upgraded one of my hosts.

    On the About tab, when I click on [Check for Updates...] I'm offered version

    So you're saying that the only way to get is to follow this process?

    There really needs to be a central location for Version History that explains what's going on with each release.


    And, once again, I would like to request a mailing list to notify people when new versions are released.


  • @Kurt,

    Sorry for the confusion. is functionally identical to We published the update purely to exercise the auto update function, so we can collect more data about auto update success/failure.

    So, is indeed the latest and greatest, functionally. You can feel comfortable deploying

    (This testing is a one-time exercise as part of rolling out auto update. We won't have any more "phantom" releases like going forward.)



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