Prevent SOS Conflicts With Streamer

This seems fairly obvious, but...

The streamer product causes major connection issues if it's installed AND your end user tries to connect to you with SOS.

I had an end user connect with SOS. I rebooted. Somehow they managed to install the streamer after the reboot instead of just running SOS. They then ran SOS correctly. SOS was unusable until I had them uninstall streamer.

As a future feature - maybe the SOS program could check for the streamer being installed before running? This was probably a very rare occurrence that the user did this, but it would be helpful with a warning to prevent them from running conflicting products.




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  • @Tramach,

    There should be no compatible issue running SOS and streamer on the same computer. They are independent and could work simultaneously on a computer. You could even establish a Splashtop Business and an SOS session to one computer at the same time.

    What was the error when you failed to establish a remote session using SOS (after the user installed the streamer)? There might be other cause and we would like to address it.

    Thank you.

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  • There was not any error that I was aware of... There was instant disconnection of the SOS connection from my end. I would connect, the window would either show her desktop for a second or not even connect. The error I received on my end was a standard - make sure network is running. I would see her computer name in the top of the SOS window, but that was all. As soon as she uninstalled the streamer it worked flawlessly once again.


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  • @Tylan,

    Can you still reproduce the issue? Or if you see the issue again, please let us know.

    Thank you!

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  • I have actually been thrilled by the fact that this isn't an issue...

    I have SOS sitting on the desktop of computers running the streamer in case of an issue with the streamer.  I also use SOS to do a manual update of the Streamer - never an issue.

    Possibly an isolated incident?

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