Random session when connecting to Citrix servers via Splashtop

 We are using Splashtop Streamer and are having an issue when connecting to a citrix server. It seems to connect us to a random users citrix session instead of the server console. I did see a similar post re: RDS/Terminal Services Session connections/viewer, but that post mentioned this issue was resolved when using ver. 3.x... Is there any other fixes / updates to remedy this issue? Thanks




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  • @Mgutierrez,

    We're quite puzzled here. Your description matches exactly the random behavior that happened with version 2.x streamer. That problem was the primary issue we addressed in version 3.x streamer, and we have not heard of it since.

    Can you file a support ticket and include the debug logs?
    (open streamer > go to Advanced tab > scroll down and click on "Open log folder")


  • We have had the exact same issue on this for quite some time and really need it fixed. Both of our Citrix app servers are doing this every time you connect to the server.  Remote Desktop works fine with no issues.  It's just trying to Splashtop to the server.

  • @Bswaby,

    Please use below link to download the beta version of the streamer, we have a fix to the issue:


    Please let me know if it helps.



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