Feature Request: Blank Screen from control bar at top of screen

-Ability to Blank (or unblank) the screen from the dropdown tool bar at top of screen in the splashtop business app.

I know currently I can open the UI on client side and enable/disable... But it would be alot easier to just click button on tool bar. Especially on client workstations that are locked down (such as a KIOSK) and aren't able to open programs.

*Also the ability to customize the BLANK screen that the client sees. (eg. be able to use a our own Full Screen JPEG that could say "This station is currently being worked on remotely, please stand by...if you have any questions please call us @ 90......." or something like that)

Reason: in a KIOSK environment, the End user may not know what SPLASHTOP is, and simply try rebooting the computer... But if we were able to customize that screen to our own companies LOGO/contact information/info about the session etc..., that may prevent that!




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  • @Nathan,

    We plan to overhaul the dropdown control menu, blank screen trigger is one we would like to add. Please stay tuned.

    For the blank screen customization, there is no plan yet and we will collect more feedback and evaluate.

    Thanks for the sharing.

  • is there an aprox release date for this?

  • @Nathan,

    Sorry I don't have a time schedule at this time. 

  • I too would like to have the ability to customize the "blank screen"

  • Same request here, Kiosk enviorment.

    Definitely need for a customizable “blank screen”

  • @Roger & Tom,

    By current design, we use standard DPMS to really turn off the screen when you check "Enable blank screen" feature, so there is no way we can have an extra customization for "blank screen".

    We tried to use another implementation that might be able to be customized, but there are other bugs and side effects so we currently still prefer to use DPMS standard on blank screen feature.

    We will keep collecting user feedback on this. Thank you for your sharing!

  • I was about to submit this feature request because it is one of the features of LogMeIn that I use frequently.

    Is there an update for when we might see this feature?

  • This has been implemented in v3.1.8.0


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