GetHelp360 - Information?

While searching the Android app store for Splashtop, I found GetHelp360.  I've been digging around trying to find information about it and there appears to also be an iOS version, but there is nothing I can find on the Splashtop website.

I would absolutely LOVE to have a solution that would allow me to assist customers with their phones and tablets, like this appears to be.  What is GetHelp360, is there any documentation, and how do I get it?

I am a current subscriber to Splashtop SOS and to Splashtop Business for Remote Support.




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  • @Kurt,

    I believe our colleague also replied to you by emails.

    If there is any other question, please let us know.

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  • Yes, I heard from someone and I've been demo'ing the beta.  Thanks

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