Splashtop Streamer: "Unable to Log In" when connecting

I am no longer able to connect to my Splashtop account using my original "no expiration date" Splashtop account.

I can log in to the Splashtop Streamer just fine, however once the remote connection is made from either the latest IOS or Android app My Splashtop Streamer immediately logs out of my account and gives me a pop up message which says,

Unable to Log On

it looks like you don't have a Splashtop account.

Please create one,


I have had and used this account for many years and when I log in to the website it still shows my 'no expiration' under access anywhere because I was a user before the subscriptions started and was grandfathered in with that access.

This happens on any PC that I install Streamer on here. 


I did make a new account and CAN login with that however it has no access anywhere access so can only using it on my local network. 

Any ideas?



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  • @Manuel.Casao,

    I created a ticket for this so we could follow this up with you.

  • Hello Support,


    I am also having this issue.  

    Did you find a solution?

  • Just open a support ticket with them to fix the issue.


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