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If I am correct when a device goes offline and then comes back online an email notification is sent. It appears that this is not being generated directly by the client it self but in part with the Splashtop Service.

This should be done only when the actual Splashtop Client service starts and stops, not when a client is connected/disconnected from the internet. There are many factors that may result in why the client cannot access the internet thus generating many email notifications.



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  • @Niles,

    Thanks for the sharing.

    The purpose of the notification is to let users know that if the computer can be remotely connect or not, so without internet access is one of cases.

    If there is no internet access, you will not be able to access the computer (the computer will show offline in the computer list).


  • @Niles,

    You're right that this alert is for when streamer transitions between online and offline.

    This alert is off by default and can be enabled/disabled at Management > Settings > Notification.

    We designed it this way in response to customers' need to be notified of when a computer has become unavailable or available.


  • WOW. I had zero idea that this was possible. This is a great feature guys. @Support I think that it should be ON by default. Mine was turned off. This is actually a major selling point of Splashtop, and I had no idea it existed. I think that this should be listed as a selling point on the product pricing page. I spent many hours deliberating between splashtop, and logmein for example, just over being able to know if a clients server "went offline" aka had issues of some kind, or they lost internet connection at their office.


    I think the only thing in my mind that could make it a little better is to allow us to choose a group or tag of some kind instead of all computers. I know MSP's usually don't care if a client computer goes offline, only if a server goes offline, so I could just group my Servers into one group. Tags would be better in my opinion so that I could keep the clients server in the client group folder.

  • Andy,

    We're very glad that feature is useful to you!

    Point taken about better "marketing/visibility" of this feature. I've made myself an action item to update our website.

    We have heard similar suggestions about being able to alert only for certain machines. We'll think about this and hope to add it down the road.

    Thanks for the suggestions.



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