Streamer: Require Windows Login only authenticates against local accounts

On a Domain-joined Windows computer, setting Require Windows Login only authenticates against a local account.



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  • @Kurt,

    It is allowed to use domain account credential to log in. Can you help collect logs? You can click open log folder under the advanced tab in the streamer to collect logs. Please reproduce the issue, then collect. Thank you!

  • retrospect, the problem may have been specific to the situation because there is both a local and domain account on this computer with the same name.

    The situation was that I came in as a consultant to clean up after someone who called himself an "IT guy."  None of the computers were joined to the existing domain, instead there was a local account on every computer that matched a domain account.  I migrated all of the computers to be domain members and switched the users over to domain accounts, but I left the old local accounts in place "just in case" and at some point the user changed their domain password so it no longer matched the local account that was no longer being used.  No amount of trying to force the domain login (for instance, windows login would be Domain\Username) would keep it from trying to authenticate against the local account.  I ended up changing the local account's password to match the new domain password so the user would avoid confusion.

  • @Kurt,

    Thanks for the additional information!  If the local account and domain account are the same, it will test against the local account.  You can force to check domain account, by clicking on the "More" link in the login window and enter the domain.


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