Can Splashtop SOS auto-update to a new release?

Splashtop Business and Splashtop Streamer have a "Check for Updates" feature for manually checking for a new release.  And I've had Splashtop Business do an automatic Check for Updates at app launch.

The Splashtop SOS app does not appear to have a comparable ability to discover a new release and optionally update itself.

-- Ward (new Splashtop Business subscriber)



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  • @Ward,

    Since it does not need an installation to use SOS app, unless we install the auto-updater when you open the SOS app, it will not have auto-update function.

    We are thinking to add a check for update button, then provide a link to download latest version SOS app if you click the button and the SOS app is not up-to-date. This is not real "auto-update", but can let you easier to find out if the SOS app is the newest one.

    We will note this. Thank you for your feedback!





  • Splashtop Business, Streamer and SOS are essential aids for my consulting business.

    I just encountered a screen sharing problem I thought might be due to my client's Splashtop SOS app being out-of-date.  Since SOS still has no Check for Updates, I had to do it myself:

    1. In the SOS app, open the "About Splashtop SOS" window to determine the current version.
    2. Open <> in the client's browser.
    3. Mount the automatically downloaded disk image.
    4. In the disk image window, do a Get Info on the SOS app to discover the latest version was already installed.

    Although adding a real "auto-update" feature would be ideal, the simple "Check for Update" mentioned in @Support's 2018 comment would be a big help.

    -- Ward (Splashtop Business fan since 2018)


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