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Splashtop Business has no Check for Update

When I launched Splashtop Business (on macOS 10.12), it prompted me to update to I bypassed the update in order to immediately connect to a client.

Now that I have the time to do the update, I can't to find a "Check for Update" in the application menu, the Help menu, or the About window.  I quit the app and relaunched, expecting it would again offer to update – no such luck.

Is there any way I can force a Splashtop Business auto-update?

I know I can download the latest release from the Splashtop website, but I shouldn't have to do that if the app has the ability to update itself.

BTW, I noticed the Splashtop Streamer app does have a Check for Update feature.



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    "Check for Update" should be under "Splashtop Business" menu (just to the right of Apple menu).

    Is it there?


  • thannks, Phil, for your speedy, helpful response.  "Check for Updates" is, indeed, in the Splashtop Business application menu.

    I overlooked it due to its position near the end of the menu.  "Check for Updates" typically appears near the top of the menu, either in position #2 after "About [appname]" or after "Preferences."  When I didn't find it there, my eyes stopped scanning the menu.

    When I check a Help menu for "Check for Updates," I scan the whole menu because there seems to be no de facto standard position.

    -- Ward

  • Thanks for your note about the Mac conventions, Ward. I'll pass it on to our Mac devs!



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