Resolution is not good

I have a 55" 4k desktop monitor that operates at 3840x2160 resolution.  My laptop, however, only has a 13" screen.

I need more resolution so that I can work as if at my desk while on the road.  I cannot read my emails or other documents from my desktop computer while on Splashtop on my laptop.

Are there any settings to adjust the resolution fed by Splashtop Streamer coming from my Desktop computer?

I compared this with TeamViewer and the Teamviewer feed was very clear and high resolution.  But with Splashtop, I cannot read anything unless the words are very large.



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  • Cesar,

    I just replied to your other forum posting on the same topic. We can discuss using that other forum, or feel free to file a support ticket.


  • i have the same problem.  splashtop resoution is crap compared to teamviewer

  • On the computer you connect from if you have installed "Splashtop for RMM"

    open it as an admin and go in to
    and change the Video Rendering Options drop down to something other than "Direct3D with YUV (Default)". this default option is atrocious.

    hope this helps any other poor schmuck looking up this issue in the future

    I'm using "Direct3D with RGB" and it's significantly better, why they'd default it to use YUV I have no idea but as long as you know the fix you can get make it work better :) 


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