Unable to connect in Mac using Kaspersky Internet Security

I cannot connect using Splashtop Business in my Mac since I installed Kaspersky Internet Security. I have to turn off to let me connect, but I hope is an issue already fixed since that is a problem from more than 3 years ago, in accord for previous posts.



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  • Oscar,

    Please help clarify a couple of questions so we can better advise:

    1. Is the Mac your remote computer you connect to, or the local computer you use to remote from?

    2. Is Kaspersky installed on the Mac?

    3. What was the error you got when it didn't let you establish a remote session?

    4. After Kaspersky Internet Security enabled, please help make sure the device can still access our backend and relay servers. If there is a firewall, please help configure it to whitelist below domains:

    *.api.splashtop.com (* represents wildcard)
    *.relay.splashtop.com (* represents wildcard)
    Both ways. Only port 443 is needed.



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