Deployment Installation - Final User Prompt

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to turn off the final user prompt (the one asking the user if they want to allow access to their computer) after completing a silent CLI deployment install?






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  • @Jordan,

    What are the command parameters you used to deploy? The parameter confirm_d=0 will not show the confirmation prompt when injecting deployment code.

    More details about supported parameters can be found in below article:



  • Hello,

    My used command parameters are as below, I was however using the installer downloaded from the deployment page, rather than that available from the main download page.

    prevercheck /s /i dcode= my_code,confirm_d=0,hidewindow=1

    I have noticed while copying the above from a notepad, that I have inadvertently placed a space inbetween "dcode=" and "my_code", could this have voided the following parameters?  

  • @Jordan,

    Yes, please make sure this is no space between dcode= and your deployment code then try again.


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