Default scaling to Original Size if window exceeds 100% (Fit to Window)

When viewing in windowed mode, remote screen will scale to the size of the window. Going to full screen will keep upscaling the window up past 100%, stretching the screen and in some cases distorting the image.

I would like the ability to keep scaling the window until 100%, then stop scaling. For those familiar with Log Me In, this would be the "Fit to Window" option as opposed to the "Stretch to Window" option. The max view of the remote screen is then its max size instead of continuing to stretch to match the technician screen size. 

Also the ability to default which is your preferred setting.



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  • Hi Robert, thanks for the feedback!

    You can adjust the view settings in the session toolbar (View Options >> Original Size / Scaled Size). This should be the setting you are looking for, and the setting should persist across sessions per computer.

  • Thanks for the reply but it's not exactly what I'm looking for. If I've got a 16 inch monitor and the customer a 14 inch monitor, the full screen should max out at 14 inches with a black letterbox border. It should not stretch it to 16 inches to match my monitor. It should maintain max screen resolution and not go beyond this. Currently this requires constant toggling back and forth from scaled and original size. With a "Fit to window" option it would essentially be a hybrid of the two. It would scale the size down if the window is smaller than the screen size. Once the window size matches or exceeds the screen size, it will maintain the "original size" of the customer's screen. This is how the function in LogMeIn works. Also, without the ability to default to this option, it would have to be set every time a new computer is remoted into.

  • Got it. We retain the display settings the next time you connect to a computer that you've set the view options to "Original size" but sounds like we're missing the global setting to make this default when connecting to any new computer.

    I've noted this and am passing the request to our development team.

    Let us know if you have any other inputs!



  • In Splashtop, it shows 1 640 monitor.

    In RDP it just has a message about not being able to change display settings in an RDP session, but if I configure the session to use all available monitors, it uses whatever I have.

    If I go in through Dameware Remote Desktop, it shows there are 3 monitors configured @ 1920 each. 

    I was able to get this working briefly by following these steps:

    • Log in through DameWare Remote Desktop, restart the Streamer service.  Checked and there are 3 monitors available.
    • Left this user account logged in and logged off the Dameware session
    • Logged in with through Splashtop and saw 3 monitors.  Was able to use all. 
    • Logged off Splashtop session.
    • Logged back into Splashtop session as and it's back to 1 640 monitor.

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