Having really bad mouse and keyboard delay all of the sudden

Monday 2-18-2019. Was not in any computers over the weekend so not sure when exactly it started but keyboard and mouse pausing and lagging has been terrible today.



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  • Hi,

    This is strange...please help use remote reboot function to remotely restart the streamer then try again to establish a remote session, see if there is still the issue. Does the issue happen across all your remote computers, or just particular ones?


  • First, please do a speedtest (speedtest.net) on your computer and on the remote computer side.

    For slowness on particular systems, please try installing the mirror driver for Win7 and earlier OS.  (https://support-splashtopbusiness.splashtop.com/hc/en-us/articles/212724123-Should-I-try-the-mirror-driver-) 


  • I can confirm, since approx a month Splashtop is sometimes very slow.

    To Support - it has nothing to do with internet connection, please check at your backbone / aws service, other - I get less reliability even on 600mbit symmetric connections. It IS an issue on your side, after recent updates.

  • @Konrad,

    Can you help file a ticket so we can dig deeper to the issue? We might need your help collect logs, and need to clarify a couple of questions. For now, this is not an issue we heard with the updated endpoints.


  • In my case I have a laptop that has two video cards in it. In troubleshooting a different problem, I assigned all apps to the Nvidia card instead of the normal default Intel graphics and that is what caused the problem. Once I assigned Splashtop back to onboard Intel graphics, all was good. Kind of odd that assigning it to the higher end Nvidia card caused problems but that was definitely it.

  • @Support,

    Thanks for the sharing. Just to make sure I understand the case:

    You have bad mouse/keyboard delay until you assigned all apps to use native Intel graphics? 



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