Different Users connect to the same PC non-concurrently?

I've two users want to remote to a same PC and Log onto the SAME Windows User account in different time. (They are on shift, so different time slot.)

I see Streamer in the remote PC is blinded to a Host (a SplashTop User account) after deployment.

So, when I tried to deploy the 2nd Streamer which is from another user account, it would try to remove the 1st Installed Streamer. and then the 1st user could not connect to the same PC again.

so, my question is 

Can I have two different Splashtop User accounts to remote that PC non-concurrently? and How? Thank you.




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  • Hi...is this still an issue?   Might be an issue of your product.

    Splashtop Business allows an unlimited number of users  to log into a single Splashtop stremer-enabled computer.   

  • @Larry,

    This is not an issue. With the Remote Support Plus package you subscribe, it can not share computer access with a user outside your team. This is by design.




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