"Cannot Connect - Please make sure network is available

Problem: When I try to connect to these computers I get the following "Cannot Connect - Please make sure network is available and Splashtop streamer is running"



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  • Hello, I had a user yesterday with that message.  My network was up and their desktop was running.  I remoted to the services of users machine where the splashtop streamer was running and restarted both of the splashtop services.  Was able to connect afterwards.

  • getting same message. have restarted streaming computer several times and have changed the default port and then back to default. still unable to get in.

  • Same here.  All appears to be running and "Please make sure network is available and SOS agent is running"  Did the splashtop.com/check and got a green checkmark.  This just has to work and this is the third customers I've had that we can't get connected to.  Teamviewer works fine.  This is a MAJOR issue.

  • I had a unit with similar problem , computer was online and connected to internet and other software  like teamviewer and remote utilities had no problem connecting but the spashtop streamer said to run the tool which all was fine said it was not online but it was. had to restart the streamer for it to work

    whats going on here..??????

  • Unfortunately the same here. No connection possible even though all remote machines showed only yesterday. Only when I connected to our Network via VPN I could remote into the machines. Meanwhile connecting with Anydesk(just for testing) went smooth and immediate. Something fishy is going on here. Works today at least but this is becoming a reoccuring thing which could force us to switch to another product.


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