Business and Personal Steamer on same PC

Have a customer with a PC desktop and laptop.

I remote into both using the business streamer.

He needs to be able to remote into the desktop from the laptop using a personal streamer.

We have been able to get the personal setup on the laptop but when we go to setup the streamer on the desktop it shows that it's deployed by my business account.

Is it possible to have both the business and personal streamers on the desktop so both he and I can access it at different times?



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  • Keith,

    Please give this a try.

    Log into and follow the instructions on this support page to share your computer to your customer.

    Choose the option "Allow access by specific Splashtop IDs" and enter your customer's Splashtop ID.

    Your computer should then show up in your customer's Splashtop app's computer list.

    Of course, your customer would need his or her own Splashtop subscription (e.g. the consumer Anywhere Access Pack) in order to access any machine remotely.

    Hopefully this works for you. It's actually not possible to have 2 instances of streamer installed on the same machine.


  • Phil,

    Thanks!! that's exactly the answer I was looking for.  Couldn't imagine that I would need two streamers either, but couldn't see how to setup for both users to access to the single streamer.  This worked.


  • That's great to hear, Keith! -Phil


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