Is there a Linux feature list available?

Purchased this today for a couple of linux laptops that I use for remote packet captures. I was wondering about a couple features, namely clipboard copy/paste and file transfer. 


When I try to do a file transfer, it says I must update the streamer on the remote end, but I just installed a few moments ago.


Also, is there clipboard support for Linux?


I even changed one of the laptops to Ubuntu 18.04 to be in line with the officially supported versions. 




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  • I have the same problem. It seems that the latest streamer version for Linux is old (relative to WIN and MAC), which does not support these functions (copy/paste and file transfer)? I connect from windows 10 to Ubuntu 18.04.

    I'm in a free trial now but planned to purchase it; however, this problem stops me to buy it.

  • @Jay,

    Copy/paste (text) and file transfer functions are in the backlog; I don't have a solid time schedule though.

  • I agree with Jay, I'm thinking of buying a Subscription (I'm currently in Free trial) but not being able to copy & paste to Linux is a big deal. If there was even a Chat feature, than I could copy what I want to the chat and get it from there.

    Having said that, some things are way better than TeamViewer, the scroll works fine on Splashtop, and it is much more affordable too, considering I can use the native vnc software for free


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