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It has been a couple of years since we jumped ship from LMI to Splashtop, and many of the suggestions I made within our first month of using the product were adopted fast... like really fast! So as a member of the community, I appreciate your willingness to listen and improve the product.

Today's suggestion comes from our usage of LogMeIn and TeamViewer over the years, although I am going to mainly reference LogMeIn as it was a superior product for this feature: screen drawing.

I know it seems silly, maybe even childish, but its super helpful to be able to use a pen on the screen of the remote computer to point a user in the right direct. We used to circle buttons, write numbers of where to press in what order, etc - we are a remote support agency after all and as chat cant always be on screen and can be difficult to deal with in real time (no left, left, no not that far left, more right) and phone isnt always an option, drawing is generally super handy.

How would it work?

- One tool to draw in a single colour, red seems to stand out best. (Clicking toggles the pen on/off. Clicking while in eraser switchs to Pen)
- One tool to erase (make it reasonably sized but dont make it erase entire drawings or the whole screen at once) (Clicking toggles the eraser on/off, Clicking while in Pen switchs to eraser)
- One tool to clear screen of all markings.

No need for a fancy colour pallete or different thinkness of lines or shapes etc. This isnt for art, its for quick support, straight to the point. We dont need perfect circles or corners.

Hopefully I have got my point across and the team sees merit in the idea, it was the main tool we look back on and do miss from LMI. Everything else we have been exceedingly happy with.

Thanks for your time,




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  • Yes!  I completely agree.  Would love to see this feature.

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  • Good post Tarquin I could not have wrote this better. The main thing is while on another persons screen your eyes are moving so much faster than theirs. An underline can grab their attention and move the conversation along quickly.

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  • I need this feature, I used to rely on LogMeIn which had this and it is more and useful

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  • Hey Team,

    Hoping to bump this up and get some attention. We recently noticed stylus support and thought for a moment it was in relation to this but alas we were obviously disappointed. Speaking with a member on your live chat, we were advised about the Classroom apps you have, meaning to an extent you have the technology ready to go.

    Is there any chance at getting this 'basic' set of drawing features built into the support suite? It would help our support team substantially.

    Thanks again.

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