Virtual Additional Monitors

It would be great if Splashtop allowed for creating virtual secondary displays when the host computer doesn't have multiple (or even any) monitors attached but the local computer does. This might even allow for a better capture experience if all displays are virtual albeit you would lose the ability to share the display locally if you did that but this could be an option for those that need it, especially now when most people are remote and the monitors are better utilized at home than in the empty office.



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  • Would display emulators like CompuLab's fit-Headless work to replace the monitors for your use case? I'm using them instead of monitors on the host computer and they allow for a variety of resolutions.

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  • I second this... if it can't be done, I think it would be a great feature to add.

    We have many users remotely working off of desktops at the main office, which they remote into.
    Many of these desktops have been moved out of cubes, and are now sitting on a shelf, and have no monitor attached at all.
    But the users splashtop-ping in would love to be able to use multiple monitors at home.
    How do we do this?

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