Splashtop business preventing Windows 10 screensaver from engaging, despite setting

Whenever I am running Splashtop Business (currently running, my Windows 10 screen saver will not engage, and my monitor will not power down according to settings I've set on my PC.

This is despite having the Splashtop Business client configured as shown below. 

Only by shutting down Splashtop Business does my screensaver & power settings start behaving normally.

Fix, please... :)






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  • I tend to press CTRL+ALT+DEL whenever I leave my desk, but I noticed sometimes, when I'm on the phone (not actively using the computer), my screen saver never kicks in (default: active after 5mins of inactivity). THIS MAY BE THE REASON!

  • I have the same issue.

    Running "powercfg - requests" shows that the Splashtop process strwinclt.exe is keeping my displays from going into powersave/sleep

    If I shut down Splashtop Business then my monitors are able to go to sleep after my set time of 5mins.

    Has anyone found a solution yet?





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