Auto population of Domain field when connecting

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With computers that are Azure AD Joined, I understand that we need to put in 'AzureAD' in the domain field if we're signing in with an AzureAD account, otherwise it can be left blank for a local account.

However I notice that with Hybrid Join / domain joined computers, the Domain field is auto populated when connecting via the Splashtop Business app.


My question is: How is it that this information is automatically populated? Where does Splashtop pull this information from?


Basically I'm hoping to try emulate this for AzureAD computers, as with the Domain field hidden by default there are times where an operator may forget about the need to put in AzureAD and get caught out when trying to authenticate.

If there is a registry key of sorts I need to set outside of Splashtop streamer registry key or even within Splashtop streamer registry key, this would be completely fine for me as I can include this within my install script.

Thanks for such great community engagement.



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