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Hi in our other applications we use 2FA for administrators can reset a users' 2FA so the user can set it up again, a common one is if the user gets a new phone. Walking them through getting logged in and changing it with a recovery is confusing for the users and time-consuming for our Helpdesk.



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    Hi Helpdesk Team,

    Thanks for part-taking the Splashtop community

    We do not allow such functionality due to security reasons. But we do consider your suggestion to be very insightful. I have passed it on to our product development team to see if they could implement the changes in the future.

    Again, we are extremely grateful that you took the time to send us your feedback. 

    Have a good one!

  • I have this issue all the time with my users. We are always walking them through how to text and get a temp code in order to re-setup their authenticator app. Since we are an MSP with a few hundred computers and users on our account, it takes a significant amount of our helpdesk resources weekly. We are considering just migrating our MSP back to Logmein Rescue.

  • Having the ability to reset 2FA for users would be much easier. Having them text their emails to a number for backup codes and then going through setting 2FA back up is a pain. If we could just force a reset, they could log back in and set it back up without much labor on our end. 

  • Microsoft 365 has a way to do it, SplashTop should have a way to do it. Password and MFA resets are a frequent occurrence and need to be handled in a more efficient manner.

    If you had someone that logged in as a system administrator that should not, you have bigger issues than resetting users MFA. Clearly I can add and delete accounts as an admin. I cannot fathom a reason why resetting MFA would be any more of a security risk.

  • This is a huge problem when a user gets a new phone. It always impacts the users who need access the most. I cannot continue using this solution and will be changing to something else soon. 

  • This desperately needs to be reconsidered.  An administrator needs to have these types of controls to help their users.  Refering users to contact a service provider directly is needlessly obtuse.


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