Linux streamer "computer removed" when I shut down that computer, it will re-add itself when it boots up again.

Working with a new VM install of linux mint (basically ubuntu) and the install of the Splashtop client went well (deployment code) and works as expected. Weird things happened when I shut down the computer though, I got a email notification that computer got removed. I generally only get those when one of us admins deletes the computer. I checked and the computer was indeed gone from our list of hosts. So I started the VM up again to see how the streamer looked, and I got another email that the computer got added again, in the default (wrong) group. I can connect to the computer as normal through splashtop. Shut it down and it removed itself again???



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  • Bump, same here...Linux Mint

    Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon (4.6.7)

    Linux Kernel - 5.4.0-107-generic

  • This has been going on for many months. I have 2 mint computers and both experience the same issue. It's related to the UID I believe.

    Hope they have a new version coming out soon. I have plenty of issues with linux streamer on certain computers.

  • Streamer has improved a lot since this post, but please fix this, bump...


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