"Best fit to client computer" does not work with 2560x1080

I have a client who (also) uses Splashtop Business, and who uses 2560x1080 monitors in their business. We need the ability to connect remotely to a machine running Splashtop at native resolution, even if the remote computer does have a monitor that supports 2560x1080 (or any monitor at all for that matter). Think remote workers using headless network computers, with 2560x1080 displays on their client computers. Resolutions up to 1920x1080 can be specified manually, but no option for 2560. Other than keeping 2560x1080 displays connected to the remote computers, we cannot find any way to connect with full resolution. Thanx for any insights, etc.



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    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for part-taking the Splashtop community.

    Apologies for the delayed reply, we have sent a workaround to emulate a display is with the Virtual Display Driver via support ticket, can you please check if it helps?

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