windows 11 shutdown prompt keeps appearing!

When using splashtop business I keep seeing the windows shutdown prompt appear.  This seems to be sporadic and continues to bug be because it often disappears behind other windows open and stops functions in excel for example.  Am I missing a setting to disable this from happening.  Is this a key binding issue?  FYI, I'm logging to a Windows 11 machine from a Windows 11 machine.



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  • I am curious about what the fix is for this is also. I am experiencing the same issue.

  • Have you had any success with this issue, It is really annoying that I have cancelled my subscription and moved to another service, but SplashTop is much more superior.

  • This is a seriously infuriating bug; I just accidentally shut off a remote machine because of this, and can't easily get it back on. 

  • The ticket closed before I really resolved this.  Since my most recent update the issue is still happening on all my Windows 11 instances!!!

  • Our CFO's Windows 11 computer has exhibited the same behavior for at least the last 9 months when connecting to it via Splashtop.  As the original contributor mentioned, it interrupts his work by popping up behind other windows and freezing the one he's currently working in (waiting for a response to this shut down message).  PLEASE get this bug fixed - he now gets visibly frustrated anytime someone mentions Splashtop!   I thought it had cleared up, but it just happened again today ...


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