Wake-On-LAN relay

Many of my users are working from home on work provided computer.  These computers are each alone on their own Local Area Network at home with no other computer there to wake the home computer up.

I need to wake these computers up to do work, but I can't.  I could have the users leave them all on all the time but that is just wasting power and adding wear on the computers.

Splashtop could develop software on a low power running tiny headless computer (like Arduino or similar low power device) that sits on the same LAN wired or wireless drawing near zero power that wakes up Splashtop PCs on the same LAN. 

Please help us do the responsible thing to put computers to sleep saving power but make these lone PCs accessible on-demand.



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  • This is an interesting idea but probably too niche to gain any traction with their development team. Have you thought about installing a Linux streamer on a raspberry pi? Their website says it may be supported on other Linux flavors too which means it may work on puppy Linux or Lubuntu running from a flash drive . Definitely worth testing out!


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