Display Custom Image or Message on Blank Screen

I am hoping to have a feature added that optionally allows for a custom image or message/text to be displayed when 'Blank Screen' is turned on. The ability to optionally add an image like a company logo along with a message would be a huge improvement over the current 'Blank Screen' mode.

There have now been several occasions where I have been remoted in to an endpoint with 'Blank Screen' enabled and a user thinks that the endpoint is either off or frozen, and ends up forcibly shutting it down by pressing/holding the power button, or even unplugging the power cable.

Management now wants me to print off and tape 'Maintenance in Progress' signs on PCs/endpoints before I remote in to them, largely defeating the purpose of using Splashtop. If I were able to have a 'Maintenance in Progress' message displayed instead of a blank screen this would completely resolve this issue.

I have found 4 other posts over the years asking for this, please take this request seriously.

Thank you very much!



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