What is Device Authentication/Verfication emails?


为了提高安全性,现在需要通过电子邮件对运行Splashtop Business应用程序并使用Splashtop帐户登录的所有设备进行身份验证。

The emails should only trigger once per application/browser per computer. Meaning logging into the business app for the first time will trigger the email once and logging into the website in a new browser should trigger it once.

首次登录新设备时,我们将通过电子邮件向您发送身份验证链接。您需要先单击链接,然后才能成功登录并开始在该设备上使用Splashtop Business应用程序。 (等待5分钟以尝试登录,以发送另一封电子邮件)


You can change this setting/turn it off by going to my.splashtop.com->signing in->top right corner account info-> team



Why am I not getting verification emails?

Please be aware that we are definitely sending the emails to your account.

Should you not be seeing them it could be for these reasons

  • They have not yet arrived and could take a couple minutes to do so.
  • They are being sent to your spam or trash folders.
  • Your email service (i.e outlook) has a black or white list and we are being blocked by that list/ yet to be approved.
    • In Outlook 2010/2013, click the Junk button on the ribbon and select Junk E-Mail Options. You'll find the whitelists on Safe Senders and Safe Recipients tabs. Blacklist is on Blocked Senders tab.
  • Your network/domain has all emails from splashtop blocked and auto removed
    • Should this be the case please communicate with your local network/IT admin  to allow splashtop emails through

Clicking on the verification link doesn't work?

Sometimes you receive the verification email but clicking on the authentication link doesn't work. This can happen if the saved cookies on the browser are interfering sometimes. The easiest solution is to open a new private browser/incognito window.


Then from here fetch a fresh authentication email and go to your email to authentication all while using the incognito window/private window.



  1. 身份验证之后,该设备将另存为“受信任的设备”,因此您无需再次进行身份验证。要删除“信任”,请登录my.splashtop.com,单击“设备”,然后单击设备上的“ X”以从列表中删除。
  2. 如果启用了两步验证(这提供了更高的安全性),则设备身份验证将禁用。
  3. 如果您不再有权使用用作Splashtop ID的电子邮件地址,请将您的Splashtop ID更改为新的电子邮件地址,然后尝试重新登录。身份验证电子邮件将发送到您的新电子邮件地址。
  4. Changing your Splashtop ID will clear all previously authenticated devices.

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