Splashtop Business app for Windows v3.5.2.3 - released


What’s New in v3.5.2.3: released 11/15/2022

*** This update includes important security enhancements and performance improvements. We recommend you should always use the latest version. ***

  • New Features
    • A new video profile “Best Quality (with YUV 444 support)” is added for the best video quality with no color distortion (Splashtop Enterprise only).
    • The audio subsystem has been reworked. More audio options with higher quality are provided, and a mute function is now available.
    • The performance of file transfer has been improved, especially when transferring a lot of smaller files.
    • A new connection option “QUIC” can be turned on to attempt an alternative way of connection to address performance issues with poor network connection.
    • Use “Show Notes” to turn on showing notes on the computer list. Additionally, you can search computers by notes.
  • Security improvements.
  • Various bug fixes.

Note: it is required to update Splashtop Streamer/Splashtop SOS Agent to version or later to enjoy the new features. The availability of new features will be based on your subscription plan.

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