Splashtop Business app for Windows - v3.1.4.0 released


Release Note:

  • New feature (for Splashtop On-Demand Support): Connect as Admin. Enter your admin credentials to elevate the privilege of the SOS connection, so you can perform admin management tasks. SOS streamer v3.1.4.0 or above is required on the remote computer.
  • New feature: Switch Terminal Sessions. When in a connection, switch to view other terminal sessions on the same computer. Streamer v3.1.4.0 is required on the remote computer.
  • New Feature: Frame Rate Settings. On in-session toolbar there is a FPS button now. It provides three levels of settings: High/Medium/Low. Adjust the settings based on network bandwidth and remote computer performance for better connection quality.
  • Copy and paste is much improved.
  • Security and stability improvements.
  • Bug fixes.
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