Splashtop Business app for Windows v3.5.6.0 - released

What’s New in v3.5.6.0: released 3/28/2023

  • Background Actions
    • A new set of tools including task manager and registry editor is now available for technicians to remotely support their customers. These tools feature a friendlier interface managing remote computers without needing technicians to connect into remote computers to run native applications.
  • Device Redirection
    • The feature has been upgraded to a new engine, making it compatible when connecting to Mac computers.
  • Service Desk: “Run as admin” now enables technicians to elevate the system privilege while connecting to the support sessions on Windows computers.
  • Streamer update can now be triggered in the computer details dialog window.
  • Support searching computers by IP (WAN/LAN) in the computer list.
  • In-session: added menu options to enable/disable clipboard sync from the toolbar.
  • Lock Keyboard & Mouse, Blank Screen cannot be toggled from the session toolbar if the computer's settings are configured in Preference Policies.
  • Security improvements.
  • Various bug fixes.
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