Splashtop Business for Windows - v3.1.2.0 released


What’s New in

  • Gear button enhancement (support remote wake/delete computer/rename computer/edit notes etc.).
  • Implement Plus/Basic business model.
  • Support T1 token based basic authentication for security.
  • Improve Account Information dialog and support showing the display name on SRS toaster/UI/Chat window.
  • Add device name for device authentication.
  • Other usability improvements.
  • Fix:  File Transfer UI, files will be displayed repeated when the number of files/folders are large(>512).
  • Fix : Streamer will be probed as relay on the same proxy network.
  • Fix:  App crash at session disconnection caused by joystick initialization.
  • Fix:  On XP/2003, use openSSL encryption on E1 encryption.
  • Fix:  Copy and paste failed on some apps (e.g. UltraEdit).
  • Fix:  Expand/collapse status will not be saved correctly.
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