Splashtop Business – v2.7.6.1 is now on App Store


What’s New in v2.7.6.1:

  • New feature: Support two concurrent sessions to a computer (for users of Splashtop Remote Support Plus and Splashtop SOS).
  • New feature: Connect as Admin. Enter your admin credentials to elevate the privilege of the SOS connection, so you can perform admin management tasks (for Splashtop SOS).
  • New feature: Use multiple accounts and switch among them swiftly.
  • New feature: “Request Permission to Connect” security option is improved. The timer is longer, and can be configured to reject or allow connection after timer expires.
  • New feature: Show “User Activity” in computer info page.
  • New feature: The position of arrow keys and scrollbar can be configured by in-session “Configure On-Screen Tools” button.
  • New feature: Add localization for 5 languages: German, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.
  • Removed feature: Picture-in-Picture is no longer supported for it is incompatible with newer iOS.
  • Various bug fixes.
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