Splashtop Business app for iOS - v2.7.8.1 released


Requires iOS 10 or later.

What's new in v2.7.8.1:

  • New feature: The computer list is redesigned. It now shows more computers on a page and additionally, computer groups look more organized in the new folder view.

  • New feature: The in-session toolbar is redesigned. The toolbar is tidied up and also fully configurable now.

  • New feature: Terminal sessions. Switch between different terminal sessions on a remote computer.

  • New feature: Through “Actions” on the toolbar, you can now use chat, blank screen, lock keyboard and mouse, paste clipboard as keystroke, and perform SOS reboot and reconnect.

  • New feature: Auto-login at the remote computer login screen. With your permission, the app can log in to the remote computer automatically for you.

  • New feature: App is now fully compatible with new iPhones and iPad Pro.

  • Security improvements.

  • Various bug fixes, including abnormal battery consumption.

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