Splashtop Business app for Windows - v3.4.2.0 released


What’s New in v3.4.2.0:

  • New Feature: Session recording configuration and policies. Session recording options such as file path/storage size can be configured and also managed on the web console.
  • New Feature: Remote Stylus. Use your stylus devices and draw on graphics software over the remote session. General pen pressure, tilt, orientation and size are supported. (Enterprise only, Windows 10 and iOS required)
  • New Feature: Favorites list. Devices can be marked as favorites and displayed on a separate page. Your favorites will be synchronized across devices under the same account.
  • New Feature: Scheduled access. The new scheduled access page will show accessible devices on your schedule, and proper notifications will be displayed when a session is about to end. (Enterprise only)
  • Security improvements.
  • Various bug fixes.
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