Splashtop Antivirus - In-Policy Exclusion

Splashtop Antivirus can block items that need to be whitelisted. In-Policy Exclusion can whitelist/allow any File, Folder, Process, and/or Extension on any endpoint in your management computer list. In-Policy Exclusions are configured by logging into our web console https://my.splashtop.com/endpoint_security.

Splashtop Antivirus Threat Detected

Splashtop Antivirus will detect and delete the threat. In this example, "eicar.com" is the threat

Interface view:


Web Console - Management > Endpoint Security view:


Web Console - Management > Endpoint Security > Details/Threats view:


Splashtop Antivirus Exclusion/Whitelist/Allowed

Add the File, Folder, Process, and/or Extension for Splashtop Antivirus to bypass threat detection and deletion by logging. Click "Update" to finish.

  • Do not add "." when excluding extensions.
  • Wildcards (*) and path variables (e.g. %PROGRAMFILES%) are currently not supported.
  • Korean and Spanish language characters are not supported for Mac.


If you created a new AV policy, go back to Management > Endpoint Security > Select all the computers you want the new Splashtop AV policy setting to applied > Actions > Assign Policy. If you edited an existing policy, the changes should propagate to the AV agent within 10 minutes.

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