SSO setup - JumpCloud (SAML2.0)

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Splashtop now supports logging in and Splashtop Business app using the credential created from your SAML 2.0 identity providers. Please follow the below instructions to create an app from JumpCloud (

Table of Contents

  1. Create an app on JumpCloud Console
  2. Assign users to the created Splashtop app
  3. Apply for an SSO method from

Create an app on JumpCloud console

1. Log into the JumpCloud Admin Portal:

2. On the left sidebar, go to USER AUTHENTICATION -> SSO


3. Click ( + ) to configure a new application

4. Search for Splashtop in the search bar

5. Click on the Configure button to the right of Splashtop


6. Under General Info, enter a Display Name (Display Label)

7. Under SSO, the service provider metadata will automatically be populated

8. Add additional User, Constant, or Group attributes if you'd like to. Refer to SAML Attribute Notes for more information.

9. Click activate to save and activate the connector. After the application is activated, a public certificate and private key pair are generated for the application.

10. Open the application, under SSO, then click Export Metadata under Jumpcloud Metadata. To get the IDP Certificate, click on IDP Certificate Valid to reveal a dropdown, and then click on Download Certificate.


Assign users to the created Splashtop app

1. Log into the JumpCloud Admin Portal:

2. On the left sidebar, go to USER MANAGEMENT -> User Groups


3. Click ( + ) to create a new group

4. Under Details, enter a Name for the group

5. Under Users, select the users you would like to use the service.


6. Under Applications, select the Splashtop application you just created.


7. Click save to save the group.

Apply for an SSO method from

1. Log into your Splashtop admin portal at

2. Click on Apply for new SSO method.

3. Scroll down to the bottom and check the box next to Upload an XML file, then locate the Jumpcloud metadata file you downloaded earlier. It will most likely be in your downloads folder, and will be named Jumpcloud-splashtop-metadata.xml


4. Click on Import once you've uploaded the file. The following fields will be automatically populated for you.


5. Fill in your desired name for the SSO Name

6. Fill in your domains under Whitelisted domains.

7. Click Save to save the SSO method

When finished, it should look similar to this:


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