Import SSO users using CSV


After you set up an SSO method on the web portal ( / .eu) and confirm that you can log in successfully, now you can import your users using a CSV file. 


  1. Set up your SSO method. (Instruction)
  2. Invite a user with the created SSO method (Instruction) or associate an existing user with the created SSO method (Instruction).
  3. Test login using the above user.
  4. For your created SSO method, start to import users using a CSV file.
    • Added users with this import process do not go through any invitation process.



  1. The SSO method has to pass the verification procedure. (You can contact if any questions when the SSO method is waiting for approval.)
  2. It is only CSV file format supported
  3. The data in the file has to follow the standard layout. You can download the users_example.csv below to check the layout/format.
  4. You cannot start importing another CSV file until the current import has completed.


  • The team owner's email address will receive an email after import process completes. There will be a list of the emails that failed importing, if any. (Reasons why email addresses failed to be imported.)
  • Besides the report email, you can also check Logs / History on the web portal ( / .eu) for the import logs.
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