SSO setup - Okta (OpenID Connect)

Splashtop now supports logging in and Splashtop Business app using the credential created from your OpenID Connect identity providers. Please follow the below instructions to add the Splashtop app to your Okta console.

Add Splashtop app on the Okta console

  1. Log on your Okta console using your Okta account.
  2. Browse App Catalog, search for Splashtop and create your Splashtop app:
  3. Name your Splashtop app:
  4. Select OIDC as your Sign on method.
  5. Click Done then done! Now you have all the information to configure the SSO method on Splashtop web portal (


Apply for an SSO method from

  1. On, create an SSO method with OpenID Connect as the protocol.
    (How to How to apply for a new SSO method? (OpenID Connect))
  2. Insert the corresponding info:
    Client ID: Copy from the Okta / Splashtop app (see above screenshot).
    Client Secret: Copy from the Okta / Splashtop app (see above screenshot).
    Authorization endpoint URL: https://your_Okta_domain/oauth2/v1/authorize
    Token endpoint URL: https://your_Okta_domain/oauth2/v1/token

    JSON Web Key Set URL: https://your_Okta_domain/oauth2/v1/keys


***It does not support IdP_initiated using OpenID Connect SSO

Assign users to the created app

Go to the created app, go to Assignments to click Assign / Assign to People (Group) to assign users who will use SSO to log in.


Supported features

SP-initiated SSO.

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