Info for Previous Bitdefender Integration Customers

Splashtop has partnered with Bitdefender to launch Splashtop Antivirus powered by Bitdefender, which integrates Bitdefender's award-winning antimalware technology into a centralized solution.

If you purchased the Splashtop & Bitdefender integration prior to February 2nd, 2023, you can migrate your subscription to Splashtop Antivirus to unlock even more core antivirus management capabilities at no additional cost! Create custom policies, scan schedules and exclusions -- all from

Migration is now available as of March 8, 2023.


Feature Comparison

  Bitdefender Integration (old) Splashtop Antivirus powered by Bitdefender
Customize Install Packages  X*
Install/Uninstall Antivirus
Run Quick & Full Scans
View/Update Virus Definitions
Threat Alerts & Logging
Customize Antivirus Policies, including: X
> On demand X
> On access (Real Time Protection) X
> On execute (Advanced Threat Control) X
> Set Scanning Profile X
> Device Scanning (USB, CD/DVD) X
> Firewall X
> Anti-phishing X
> Traffic Scanning (HTTP, POP3, SMTP) X
> Uninstallation Password
> Silent Mode X


* Removed Custom Install Packages:

  • Uninstallation Password setting has been moved to Policies.
  • Proxy information is automatically detected.
  • X  The antivirus agent only supports English at this time. Other languages coming soon!
  • X  Custom Installation Path



Splashtop Antivirus has a tiered pricing model.
Here's the pricing below in USD - check the Splashtop web portal for pricing in your local currency.

Note that Splashtop AV follows a tiered pricing model, instead of the previous volume pricing.

Tier 1 2 3
#computers 1-100 101-3000 3001+
Price per computer $1.20/month $0.99/month Contact Us

The first 100 licenses are at a rate of $1.20/license and then additional licenses are priced at $0.99/license.


How to Migrate

A different antivirus agent installation is required for Splashtop Antivirus powered by Bitdefender. Migration will help with automatically replacing the Bitdefender agent with Splashtop Antivirus.

Here's a few things to know:

  • All computers that are currently licensed with Bitdefender will be re-licensed with Splashtop Antivirus. Make sure to uninstall Bitdefender beforehand on any computers that you don't want to migrate.
  • Offline computers will proceed with the migration once they come online.
  • You will be re-subscribed to Splashtop Antivirus for the same number of licenses as your Bitdefender subscription.
  • The "Actions" button in the dashboard will be unavailable until the migration is over.
  • Only computers with streamer v3.5.4.0+ can install Splashtop Antivirus.


  1. First, log into or 
  2. Click Management > Endpoint Security, or Management > Antivirus
  3. Click "Learn More" on the popup.
  4. Review terms and click "Confirm".
  5. If you have any licensed computers that are not using streamer v3.5.4.0 or newer, the dialog window will list the computers. You can still proceed with the migration anyways, but will have to install Splashtop Antivirus on these computers at a later time once the streamer has been updated,
  6. If all streamers are up to date, or you have confirmed to proceed anyways, the migration will begin. Computers will show the "Migrating" status in the dashboard.
    • If a computer is offline, the reinstallation will proceed when the computer is online. The action will be queued for up to 3 days.
  7. After the reinstallations have finished, get started on creating custom policies! Splashtop Antivirus - Getting Started


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