The Addressed CVEs in Splashtop Version

In the Splashtop version release, we updated our OpenSSL library to version 3.0.12, effectively addressing the following CVEs with this crucial update.

CVEs fixed in Splashtop version

CVE OpenSSL version that fixed the CVE OpenSSL Severity CVE Detail
CVE-2023-5363 3.0.12/3.1.4 Medium

CVE-2023-4807 3.0.11/3.1.3/1.1.1w Low

CVE-2023-3817 3.0.10/3.1.2/1.1.1v Low

CVE-2023-3446 3.0.10/3.1.2/1.1.1v Low

CVE-2023-2975 3.0.10/3.1.2 Low

CVE-2023-2650 3.0.9/3.1.1/1.1.1u Medium

CVE-2023-0465 3.0.9/3.1.1/1.1.1u Low

CVE-2023-1255 3.0.9/3.1.1 Low

CVE-2023-0466 3.0.9/3.1.1/1.1.1u Low

CVE-2023-0464 3.0.9/3.1.1/1.1.1u Low


To benefit from the resolved security enhancements, we strongly recommend all users to update their Splashtop software to the latest version. You can find detailed instructions for updating here:
How do I update the business app?

How to update Streamer

For CVEs that remain unresolved, we plan to incorporate the necessary fixes in upcoming versions. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.


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