Why does Blank Screen not work on my remote computer?


With the new technology to blank the remote screen, there is not a driver installation needed and it will work in most of the cases, except for some limitations listed as below.

  • On Windows 10 v1903 machines, a system reboot or display change (e.g., change resolution or disable/enable display) might be needed before it can work.
  • Will not work on some computers with gen 1 or 2 Intel CPU which still with HD graphics
  • Will not work on some computers with a monitor connected using a USB port (e.g., USB to VGA switch), installing the driver of the switch might resolve the issue.
  • When connecting to a computer which just woke up from Hibernate/Sleep state, it will not work at the first connection. It should work going forward.
  • Switching Windows users or logging off/in a Windows user during a remote session will turn the remote screen on then back off again.
  • Some display auto-adaptation software might turn the remote screen back on, e.g., f.lux, Asus Splendid Eye Care (a built-in software with Asus laptop).


Workaround for driver's WDDM model = 2.1 or earlier devices: Link

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