Using the Splashtop watermark feature is a great way to secure and protect confidential information during remote sessions.

In a few simple steps, you can easily customize the content you want to show on the watermark and apply it to any new or pre-existing remote computers.


Watermark is an add-on feature available for Enterprise and On-prem users.
If you wish to activate this feature, please email us at sales@splashtop.com.


1. After the watermark feature is activated, please log on to my.splashtop.com / my.splashtop.eu > Management > Settings > Team to enable and configure your watermark protection.


2. Click on the "Detailed setup" hyperlink to modify the content.



3. Three different options can be configured depending on what scopes you want to achieve with the watermark. After you finish modifying the details, click Save.


4. Launch the Business app and try to establish a session, you will see the watermark displayed on your device.



  • It is important to note that when using the session recording feature, the watermark won't be applied to the video. Therefore, we strongly advise users to turn off the session recording feature if they'd like to have their watermark to secure sensitive data.

  • If the watermark feature is configured, but the client computer runs the following system, the connection will be denied. 

    • Computers running Windows XP/Vista OS
    • Splashtop Business app is running a version prior to v.
      *For Android devices, the watermark feature won't be supported until v.3.5.2.x

          And the user will receive the error message below:


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