How to request for Bitdefender exclusions?

The information below applies for the Splashtop x Bitdefender integration before February 2nd, 2023. 

For information on setup for our latest partnership, Splashtop Antivirus powered by Bitdefender, see Splashtop Antivirus - Getting Started



As of today, on our standard Bitdefender plan, we do not have a way for the customers to manage exceptions/ exclusions from the Splashtop web console.  The users would be requiring the Bitdefender Gravityzone add-on for this. 

So, if you can provide us with the folder(s) or complete file path(s), our Bitdefender team can apply the exclusions for you.

Please open a support ticket using this link with the subject as 'Bitdefender exclusions' and  mention the following info:

  1. Your SPID (Splashtop account email)
  2. The complete file(s) or folder path(s) that needs to be excluded.

Our Bitdefender team will then apply the respective changes/ exclusions to your Splashtop business team. Usually, it would take 1 business day for us to respond to your request.

If you are looking forward to creating Bitdefender exceptions without reaching out to us, you could check with our sales team to see if you qualify to get access to the Bitdefender Gravityzone console to manage the exclusions directly. 

You can reach our sales team at 408-886-7177,, or our sales live chat directly at

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