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    Need to use splashtop on a Windows 8.0 desktop PC. I have some apps that are not yet supported on 8.1. Reason why I haven't updated. Need to be able to connect to splashtop streamers via this desktop pc, but the installation package is no longer available.


    Where can I get it?

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    Having problems with every Windows XP PC with splashtop installed. Latest updates & Service packs installed - can't connect on local network or remotely. I know XP is long in the tooth but I'm having to support clients with 8 XP PCs.  Having to use alternatives at the moment. Is anyone else having XP connectivity issues ?

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    Hi Adrian,

    I have successfully remote into my clients network onto his windows domain; they have windows 8.1 pcs and windows xp server pack 3 with all the windows updates installed.. try to use a different ISP temporary before formatting pc and re-installing... the other thing is try to setup another test pc with freshly installed windows OS and test it at  another site with splashtop  the problem might not be the computer you trying to log into but might be yours.. try to use a tablet or a smart phone to log into to your remote pc just to see where the fault is at.

    Regards & Marry Xmass


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    I've tried using a tablet with splash HD. No success. The XP machines cannot reach the splashtop server - before anyone ties to connect so the problem cannot be with my PC. Its got the point where its too much messing around. I installed jump desktop and it worked 1st time so I uninstalled splash desktop. I have to admit - splash desktop is by far the quicker solution on a LAN (both sound and video) but unfortunately wasn’t the answer in this case. I appreciate the time you’ve spent on this case.



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    Sorry for the late response, please try the solution below:

    1. Run Windows update to make sure your XP is XP SP3 and all Microsoft recommended hotfix applied.

    2. Also, please apply this fix: 

    We believe it should fix the issue.

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    no problem,

    If the hotfix does not work may be it might the internet service provider not allowing the connection to the splashtop server..

    Also I have found some of my streamers din't get connected if I used alternative internet connection when setting up the streamer; what I did it un-installed it and reinstalled the streamer with the client's ISP.. then my remote pc wasn't greyed out and on-line under my splashtop profile account.

    Best Regards

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    I cannot connect through the web console to my computer. I have installed the business streamer. I have tried chrome, IE10, and IE11 from two other locations. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the business streamer.I get the same message as @Poberg. LMI pro works fine at this location as well as remote utilities. I paid for your service because of your ease of install claims and your support promises, but have gotten neither. I submitted a ticket two days ago and I have not gotten a reply.

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    Hi Gackdeux,

    Has splashtop support come back to via email as yet?

    Best Regards

    fellow Spashtop Business user

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    yes....but only after I emailed all the email addresses I could find on their website. The issues were

    1. Splashtop misuses the term client to mean local client and then uses target to mean remote client. 
    2. The next issue was that their support person was not reading my responses, could not understand them, or could not articulate the details of the issue clearly.  Turns out that even though splashtop has a web interface they are not like logmein and don't do web access. The web interface is just an organizer and when you click connect it calls to the local connection program.....none of this is very clear in the setup documentation. but if I read ten different KB articles I can piece it together
    3. There is no established or easy to find escalation process to get past the anonymous person responding. Support could be one person or could be twenty idea when they respond to a support ticket without their name.

    I have it working somewhat, but I would have thought if I build a deployment package then why do I have to log the streamer into my account...shouldn't the account and password be built into the deployment package otherwise how is that different than downloading streamer and installing it?

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    I cannot login in Spashtop stream for Ubuntu 12.04 version;

    the network environment is a internal one and need proxy for outside.

    does this use case is not supported?


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    I am having problems renewing my subscription for the business. Please help.

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    @ C24vkrayzie,

    Your subscription is active now without issue. If any question, please feel free to file a ticket to our supporters.



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