Splashtop Overview

Splashtop is the simplest way to remotely access and remotely support computers.

With Splashtop's breakthrough performance, remotely using a computer will feel as if you were still sitting in front of it. The simple flow and interface make the overall experience easy, even for non-techie users.

Splashtop Personal (Splashtop Personal green app icon) is for home and personal use.

Splashtop Business Access  provides features that are critical for business and professional use. These features include:

  • Commercial-use license (Splashtop Personal is for non-commercial use only)
  • User management - purchase for your whole team; easily add/remove users and control access permissions
  • Deployment - easily deploy Splashtop Streamer to remote computers
  • File transfer - transfer files between computers
  • Remote print - print a file from your remote computer to your local printer
  • Granular access control - specify precisely who has access to which computers
  • Logging - view history of users' remote access sessions and other activities

Splashtop Business Access is for remote access and is priced per user.

Splashtop Remote Support is for remote support and is priced based on the number of computers you need to manage, with free users.

Learn more about the two at www.splashtop.com, and refer to this article for some key differences.

Splashtop SOS (Splashtop Business purple app icon) enables you to provide on-demand or ad hoc support to a user. The user simply downloads and runs a program from sos.splashtop.com that shows a 9-digit session code on-screen. The session code is all you need to connect to the user's computer. Upon completion of the support session, the user can simply exit the program and delete it from the computer. Splashtop SOS includes features such as:

  • Attended access with session code - remotely connect to a user's computer with a unique 9-digit code
  • Attended support for iOS and Android devices - remotely connect to a user's mobile device
  • Two technicians in one support session - provide more assistance towards clients with more than one technician
  • Share screen via web link - see what your client sees on their device in real-time
  • Session recording - capture SOS sessions to use for multi-use
  • More features listed here

Splashtop Remote Support enables access to devices and allows you to manage from anywhere. Simplify IT and support operations with dashboard insights, automation, and secure remote access without the need of a session code. Splashtop Remote Support includes features such as:

  • Comprehensive Platform Support and Access from Any Device - Access and control all of your Windows workstations, Windows servers, Mac, and Linux endpoints
  • Unattended Android Access - remotely support and access Android devices
  • User Access Management and Computer Grouping - invite users with a specified team role. Organize your users and/or endpoints into groups for more effective management.
  • Easy Deployment - create customized deployment packages
  • Windows Update Management - keep windows updated to sustain security and performance
  • More features listed here

Splashtop Enterprise provides tools for IT support and endpoint management with advanced performance, security, and service desk workflows. Some features include:

  • SSO/SAML Integration - supports SSO integrations with Okta, Azure AD, ADFS, JumpCloud, OneLogin, Workspace ONE, G-Suite, and TrustLogin.
  • Service Desk - technician grouping, service channel management and invite links, SOS Call, session routing, and more
  • USB Device and Stylus Redirection - Redirect a USB device (smart card, security key, stylus, gaming controller, printer, HID device) from your local computer to the remote computer.
  • Granular Permissions - IT admins can specify role-based and user-based granular permissions for features such as attended access, file transfer, and more.
  • Scheduled Access Module - Manage schedules and policies for when users and groups of users can access certain endpoints.
  • More features listed here


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