Splashtop Business App Introduction

The Business App BusinessApp_en-us.png lets you view your list of remote devices and connect to them. It's used with the following subscriptions: Business Access (Legacy, Solo, Pro), Remote Support (Legacy, Premium), SOS (Basic, SOS+, Unlimited, Teams), and Enterprise.

You can download the app here, or on the my.splashtop.com/computers page when logged in.

Remote devices will appear in your list. If there are none set up, then first install SRS_Logo_en-us.png Streamer on the system(s) you need to remotely access.

Note: if remote computers have already been added to your team but your device list is empty, the team Owner or Admin will have to set access to the device(s) for your login. For Business Access subscriptions check our Access Permission Guide, for all others it will be via User and Computer Grouping.


To connect to your remote computer, double click on the device or left-click and press Connect Connect_Icon_en-us.png

General Icons & Buttons

Images below are from a Windows desktop. For Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS the options may vary slightly.


Once logged in, your account email will appear across the top. Computers and computer groups will be in the middle. To expand the computer group, click the black arrow on the left of the group name. You can also use the Search box to find a specific device, or to search through Notes saved in computer settings / info.

Depending on which subscription you have, SOS and Service Desk may or may not appear.

If you've just added a new device that is not appearing, click the Refresh Refresh_en-us.png button on the left.

System_Online_en-us.png  The computer is Online and ready for connection.

System_Offline_en-us.png The computer is Offline. Check our Offline System Troubleshooting Guide or Contact Technical Support.


Computer Toolbar


Computer_Settings_en-us.png Left-clicking the computer (single click) will bring up a row of buttons, from left to right they are: Connect, File Transfer, Chat, Diagnostic Tool, and Computer Settings / Info**.


Should you wish to see which users are currently connected, hover your mouse over the active sessions and you will see the following:


From computer settings/info (gear button) you can clear saved credentials, remotely disconnect an active session, delete a computer from your team/list, perform various restart options, add notes, and view device information.



Click the Connection Options tab to adjust resolution, QUIC, or turn on/off Legacy Mode for the target computer.






Under File you can go to the web console, change Business App settings in Options, start a Share My Desktop session, add or switch between accounts if you have more than one, or Log Out.




Under View, we have several options for sorting, grouping, Show Notes, Show Logged-In User, Favorites, and more. To add a device to your Favorites list, click the star button beside the device name.




In the Help menu option, you can check server information, generate debug logs, provide feedback, and see your current Business App version number (About).







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